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Lawyers Facing Disciplinary Actions in Georgia

Are you a Georgia licensed attorney with an upset client threatening to initiate a disciplinary action? Have you already received notice from the State Bar that a client, Judge, or opposing counsel has filed a bar complaint? How you react can have a significant consequence to your legal career.

When your Bar license is in jeopardy, it is imperative that you think twice before pursuing the option of representing yourself. The practice area of State Bar defense is unique. Having a thorough understanding and knowledge of the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct and procedures utilized in disciplinary actions pending with the State Bar’s Office of General Counsel, State Disciplinary Board, or Supreme Court of Georgia can be the difference between dismissal of a bar complaint, confidential or public reprimand, suspension, or disbarment.

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Why Hire an Attorney When You Receive a Bar Complaint From the State Bar of Georgia?

You are facing a disciplinary action from the State Bar of Georgia. Your ethics, professionalism and character have been attacked. Your reputation and livelihood are on the line.

As a licensed attorney, you may feel that the only person who can truly provide the best counsel is yourself. However, this would be a mistake. First, attorneys, while skilled in their own practice areas, may not have as thorough an understanding of the bar rules and regulations as they may think. Hiring an attorney skilled in Bar Complaint defense can relieve the stress of having to learn a new area of law while maintaining your present caseload.

Second, when your Bar license is at stake, it is a highly emotional situation. This could cloud judgment in what is already a complex scenario. It is imperative to hire an attorney who can provide not only knowledgeable, but a completely objective, point of view.

Third, while you may think it is wise to represent yourself at the outset and to retain counsel only when “it gets serious,” it became “serious” the instant you received the grievance from the State Bar. Your first response will establish the foundation upon which any subsequent level of the Bar proceeding will be built. Do not waste the opportunity to convince the State Bar that the complaint is unjustified, frivolous, patently unfounded, or fails to state facts sufficient to invoke the disciplinary jurisdiction of the State Bar of Georgia. Start from the beginning with a Bar Complaints lawyer who can effectively represent you every step of the way.

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